Statement of Faith

We believe the Bible is inspired by God and is without error as originally transcribed. It contains His truth for our lives for today and tomorrow.

God, the creator of all things, made us, all of mankind, in His image so that He may be glorified through fellowship with us; however, sin entered the world and mankind became separated from God. Moved with great compassion, God sent Jesus Christ, His only son, down to the earth where he lived a sinless life as a man. He chose to die on a cross and was raised from the dead to allow us the opportunity to renew our relationship with God. To all who accept His sacrifice, He gives the Holy Spirit as a guide and the promise of eternal life.

The church is a community of Christ-followers dedicated to encouraging and supporting the spiritual journey of its members and all of those with whom its members contact. We believe that as an agent for redemptive change in both the local and global community, the church should actively engage in activities that improve the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions of all mankind.

The family is God’s expression of his relationship with the church. We believe solely in the holy Scriptures that defines marriage as a covenant and sacred bond between a man and a woman instituted by and publicly entered into before God.