Core Values


God longs for transparency. We strive to live in honesty before God and others.


We believe that is important to grow in our faith, our pursuit of God, and any area in our lives where the Holy Spirit chooses to work.


Everything that we do can be an act of worship. Any expression of true goodness is worship because God is the Creator of all.


We value building lasting marriages, families and friendships. The Church is first and foremost about relationships.

Worldwide Impact

We endeavor to impact our community and the entire globe by sharing the Way of Jesus.

Common Sense

Common sense applies to both the direction of our church and the way we present our teachings. Our leaders talk about the Bible in the most practical sense, addressing issues that matter today.


We have been created as image bearers of God, the Creator; therefore, we believe that our creativity and originality is an expression of God and an act of worship.